Stabilizers, Extenders and Weights
As a seasoned archer, you are fully aware of the use of stabilizers, extenders and weights. At Precision Archery Pro, we like to focus on getting the beginning archer off to a good start as well so we have included fundamental information for beginners. A bow stabilizer is a metal rod that screws into the riser of the bow. One function of the bow stabilizer is to reduce torque or twisting. Our Cartel Balkan Al/Carbon Stabilizer adds weight and serves as a counter balance, preventing the bow from jumping when the arrow is released. The longer the bow stabilizer, the better it works. That's the main purpose of long stabilizers on bows. Our Cartel CR Carbon extender enables you to extend your bow stabilizer 3 to 5 inches in length. Another purpose of the bow stabilizer is to add weight so that you can hold the bow steadier at full draw. That's very helpful in the wind or when you're tired and shaky and the bow tends to bounce around. Added weight helps to smooth out shooting errors. We offer Cartel Base and Cap Weights to increase the weight of your bow stabilizer. No bow is 100% efficient. On average, 70% to 80% of the bow's energy is imparted to the arrow and the rest of the energy vibrates through the bow. A heavy bow stabilizer absorbs some of that excess energy and helps to quiet the bow. We're convinced that our Cartel Balkan Al/Carbon Stabilizer combined with the Cartel extenders and Cartel Base and Cap Weights will enhance your archery experience.
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