Archery Sights and V-Bars
There's More to Archery Bow Sights and V-Bars than Meets the Eye!

As an experienced archer, you no doubt fully appreciate the value and function of archery bow sights. Here at Precision Archery Pro, we also make every effort to encourage and inform the beginning archer. If your goal is to learn quickly, you would do well to shoot with archery bow sights. Good archery bow sights simplify the aiming process, allowing you to think less about aiming and concentrate more on form. You can also analyze mistakes much more easily with archery bow sights than without them. Archery bow sights also help greatly in hunting because they provide a positive aiming point. That is, in barebow shooting (without sights) you concentrate on a spot on the animal and intuitively line up your arrow to hit the right place, but with archery bow sights, you focus your attention on a sight pin and see the animal only secondarily. Archery bow sights transfer your focus from the animal to the sight pin and under the tension of bowhunting, that's a significant difference. Any bow sight should be sturdy enough to stand some abuse in the field, and side to side and up-down adjustments should be easy to do. Each sight pin needs to lock securely in place so it doesn't rattle loose once the sight has been set. A sight pin has a small round ball on the end of the pin that is screwed in and out for lateral adjustments. Sight pins vary in size. Some archery bow sights have tiny pins based on the idea that the finer the pin, the better the accuracy. But remember, in bright light or dim, you still need to see the sight pin.

We invite you to check out our excellent selection of archery bow sights with varied sight pin sizes and our archery v-bars. We are proud to offer the Cartel Midas Carbon Sight, Cartel Starter Sight (ideal for young archers), Cartel CR302 Sight Pin, Cartel CR303 Sight Pin and Cartel Deluxe V-Bar. Our archery bow sights and v-bars will help you to go from beginner to pro.
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