Risers and Limbs
In the 1950’s, modern technology made new materials available to bowyers who were now, for the first time, able to begin to make significant improvements on the Turkish composite recurve bows built in the 15th and 16th centuries. Also, at this time, the three piece recurve bow was developed to make the bow easier to transport and store. The modern takedown bow consists of the central handle or riser with mounting brackets top and bottom to attach the limbs. In the earlier versions, the riser was made of wood. Today, archery risers are made from a variety of metals and carbon composites. Similarly, the archery limbs attached to the archery riser make use of high tech composite materials which are better able to take the strain of a drawn archery bow and repeatedly deliver accurate shots without failing.

At Precision Archery Pro, we have quality archery risers and archery limbs to meet the needs of the beginning archer and the seasoned pro. Check out our economical KAP Pro Style Risers made from die-cast aluminium and the high tech foam KAP Pro Style limbs to complete a high performance quality archery bow for the beginner or, for the seasoned pro, Precision Archery Pro provides the Win & Win Pro Accent Carbon Riser and the accompanying Win & Win Pro Accent Foam/Carbon Limbs.
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