Quivers and Belts
Quivers and Belts for Archery

An archer is not complete without a quiver to protect the arrows and store the arrows for easy accessibility. Although a quiver can vary in type, each quiver has a hood to protect broadheads and a series of arrow grippers to hold the shaft securely. An archer has a choice of quivers – a bow quiver, a hip quiver, back quiver or a ground quiver. Each quiver has advantages and disadvantages. At Precision Archery Pro, we carry a variety of quivers and belts professionally manufactured by Cartel, Angel and Bearpaw. Why not target our store for your quiver of preference?

As a seasoned archer, your choice of quiver will probably be based primarily on experience and personal preference. However, at Precision Archery Pro we also like to focus on the young archery shooters and provide some guidelines for selecting the appropriate quiver.

Every archer needs to consider safety before purchasing a quiver. The broadhead hood should be deep enough to cover the broadheads. No part of the blades should show. The rubber in the quiver hood needs to be solid enough to hold arrow heads and the shaft grippers must hold the arrows tightly so they stay in place as the archer moves. An archer must know the diameter of the arrow shafts and choose a quiver with the same size shaft grippers.

Bow Quiver
A bow quiver is possibly the most popular quiver and the most convenient. The bow quiver attaches to your bow, making your bow and arrows one handy unit. Some archers have the opinion that because the bow quiver is positioned on the side of the bow, it tends to throw the bow slightly off balance. Another consideration is the additional weight that the bow quiver adds to the bow. Nevertheless, an archer may choose a bow quiver for its convenience and overlook the minor disadvantages of the bow quiver.

Hip Quiver
At one time the hip quiver or belt quiver was a popular choice for an archer but it was later overshadowed by the bow quiver. Today, the hip quiver is regaining popularity, especially with any archer who favours bow tuning and accuracy. Precision Archery Pro carries adult and youth hip quivers. Check out our Bearpaw Suede hip quiver and our Cartel quivers for youth.

Back Quiver
When the long bow was king, an open back quiver was a popular choice. This style of quiver holds lots of arrows and enables the archer to grab arrows quickly and shoot in rapid succession. The problem for an archer with this style of quiver is that the arrows are held loosely so they tend to rattle and fall out.

A shoulder quiver is great for storing a lot of practice arrows and, therefore, has more appeal to the target archer than the hunting archer. The main appeal of the shoulder quiver may be tradition.

There are some modern back quivers that are great for hunting. These have foam-padded plates at each end. The broadheads are stuck into one plate and the knocks into another – thereby holding the arrows securely in place. With this style of back quiver, all of the arrows need to be the same length. Arrows of equal length may not always be desirable.

A back quiver protects fletching from weather challenges. It especially appeals to the archer using feather fletching. Also, a back quiver holds the arrows in the middle of the back where they are out of the way until the archer needs them. You can also purchase a back quiver that doubles as a back pack.

Precision Archery Pro is on target and proud to offer a number of different back quivers professionally constructed by Bearpaw Manufacturers.

Ground Quiver
A ground quiver is designed for the archer involved in target archery. A ground quiver is basically a portable stand with hooks to hold a bow, arrows and other archery equipment. At Precision Archery Pro, we proudly offer our Cartel ground quiver for the archer participating in target archery. The Cartel lightweight ground quiver is ideal for camps and schools. It is easy to carry and set up in a designated area at any desired distance from the target. The ground quiver established a defined shooting space for the archer on the shooting line in line with the target. Our Cartel ground quiver is crafted in a durable metal featuring a black coating to prevent rusting. It is professionally designed for target archery, complete with hooks for the bow, arrows and other archery accessories.

With brand names like Bearpaw, Angel and Cartel and an assortment of quivers and belts for adult and youth, you need to target Precision Archery Pro for your archery supplies. Remember, at Precision Archery Pro, our target is to keep you on target.
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