Compound Bows
During the infancy of the compound bow - the late 1960's and early 1970's - most archers started with recurves or longbows and graduated to the compound bow, possibly because the compound bow was new and technical. Now the trend has reversed, and today most beginners start with a compound bow and graduate to recurves or longbows. As the word compound suggests, there are a number of components to a compound bow. The craftsmanship of these components enables you to hold the bow steadier and take more time to aim carefully, hence you learn more quickly. The Kodiak Outdoor Titan Target compound bow is cleverly crafted to produce a compound bow that is accurate, consistant and vibration-free enabling you to hit your target easily. The versatility of this compound bow simplifies the procedure of adjusting and setting up for you, the archer. Whether you are a beginning archer or a seasoned pro, we believe the Kodiak Outdoor Titan Target compound bow is for you. We also carry a Cartel beginner bow ideal for young archers 4 to 8 years old. So, Beginner or Pro, we have your bow.
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