For the Beginner

The Beginning Archer is anyone who is entering the sport for the first time and, as such, the sport is not age related. As a beginner, you may have experimented with rented archery equipment or a friend’s archery equipment and think that this would be a good sport to pursue. It seemed like fun. You may have a bit of advice from a friend with little else to go on except interest and the potential for becoming a serious archer.

We at Precision Archery Pro believe that the beginner needs quality archery equipment so that he or she will have a good beginning experience without “breaking the bank”. Our beginner archery equipment meets that need.  We have introductory quality archery equipment at reasonable prices. Beginning archery is a trial period during which the beginner, while experiencing success, also decides whether he or she really wants to get into archery seriously. It also provides time for the beginning archer to learn about archery equipment. The beginner is able to become familiar with the variety of bows and accessories and from this, make quality decisions about which archery equipment to buy.

Precision Archery Pro also emphasises that the need for “macho” expensive archery equipment is misplaced money, particularly when purchasing the first bow. The beginner must be careful to have a bow that can be handled easily. The beginner is not out to hit a “home run” the first time up. The idea is to hit the “bull’s eye” consistently, not to see how heavy a bow can be drawn. Archery, like all other sports, needs a period of time where the beginner concentrates on skills and techniques needed to become a proficient archer. This may not be the most exciting part of becoming a competent archer but it is a necessary part. To accomplish this, the beginning archer requires equipment allow that gives a quality performance allowing the beginner to concentrate on techniques and skills as well as the act of the sport itself. We at Precision Archery Pro have bows designed for this intent.  For the beginner, it is best to a have a bow that is easy to draw. Once the basic skills are mastered, the draw weight can be increased to a higher level to meet the needs for more serious target shooting or hunting.  This is also a good reason to not go overboard on the money spent on that first bow. This first bow is temporary.  Some of the competition target shooters are dropping their draw weights and getting better results! This indicates that a heavy draw weight isn’t everything.  One way to cut start up costs for your archery equipment is to buy a quality riser with limbs having a lower draw weight for beginning and then, as proficiency improves, purchase another set of limbs for the same riser with a higher draw weight. Our archery equipment is designed with riser and limb combinations that make this possible.  Why not target Precision Archery Pro for your beginner archery equipment?  We have a great choice of bows for beginners and pros.

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